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If Your Sump Pump is More Than 7 years Old, Consider Replacement

Save $ 75 on Sump Pump Replacement

If you have a sump pump more than 7 years old, it is time for an upgrade. We can help! If your home floods, we are there to fix it.

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Replacing Your Sump Pump

A sump pump secures your Downingtown home from flooding and destruction caused by ground water. It increases your home’s value and creates a healthier indoor air quality with less mold, mildew, and fungus. Maintenance is the key to keeping it working properly. You should plan on replacing it every 7-10 years, depending on how often it is used. Here’s a guide to what to look for in a sump pump and how to replace it.

Determine If You Need A New Sump Pump

Your sump pump is key to preventing water problems in your Downingtown basement, crawlspace or low-lying garage. Understanding good sounds and bad sounds will help you identify anything that is not normal. When we install your new pump, the technician will do a test with a couple of buckets of water. Take note of the normal operational sounds so you will realize when something is amiss.

Sump pumps are designed to cycle on when the water level is high and off when it has finished evacuation of the water. The float switch is adjustable and we can set the height to accommodate higher water tables. If your pump is running continuously, it is probably time to replace the float switch or the pump itself, depending on age.

Like anything mechanical, your sump pump will make some noise. It should be relatively quiet (take note of the initial installation for a baseline). You may have an issue if it is making loud noises, thumping, grinding, or gurgling. If it is more than 7 years old, a replacement may be a better route than repair. Give us a call to schedule a service call to check it out for you. Depending on your maintenance schedule, you should replace your sump pump every seven to 10 years.

A loud sump pump could also be caused by a clog in your discharge line. If the impeller is damaged, you may hear it rattle as the blades are spinning and trying to push water through. Another good way to detect a clog is if your pump makes a screeching sound.

If your sump pump was installed improperly, it will become more noisy over time. When installed the pump should be level and the discharge line should be as straight as possible. When the water is being pumped, if the pump is shifting, it may make a clanging or clunking noise when the weight shifts around the various angles.

Selection and Sizing of a New Pump

Sizing your pump is key to its lifespan. A pump too small for your [CITY] property’s needs, may not have enough horsepower to remove the water if your area is prone to flooding. Undersized pumps may not be able to efficiently pump out the water as quickly as it is coming in. That being said, an oversized pump may evacuate the water from the pit so quickly that it cycles on and off continuously. Either situation can be taxing on the motor and cause a reduction in it’s lifespan.

There are several types of sump pumps that you can use based on your needs. Pedestal sump pumps are inexpensive and ususally constructed of thermoplastic. The motor sits above the pit and they are a bit noisier. They cannot handle small debris, so we only recommend them when you have a proper pit with a filter around it to insure there are no intrusions. Pedestal pumps don’t have as long a life expectancy as a cast iron submersible pump.

Submersible pumps run much quieter and can move debris, rocks and any solid up to 1/2″ with no problem. They are constructed of cast iron, brass and stainless steel parts and have the longest lifespan. The sump pump motor is stronger and water-cooled, so when it is running it is being naturally cooled during long run cycles.

If you loose power often, a battery backup sump pump may be a necessity. When the power goes out, and the water is coming down, your sump pump will not operate. We have several battery powered sump pumps, that run on DC power, as well as a battery backup that will run your standard pump. When the power goes out, the backup inverts the power and provides you with a pump that will keep your basement dry while the electric company is working to restore the power. In addition, the backup pump will operate in situations wherethe primary pump cannot handle the volume of water to prevent water damage.

Removal and Replacement of Your Pump

When replacing your sump pump, we also replace the check valve and any plumbing that looks worn, corroded, or has potential leaks. At Sump Pump Gurus, we only use quality products like Zoeller. With our Platinum installation package, we extend the warranty to 5 years, including all parts and labor.

When we remove the old pump, we examine your pit to insure it is level. If leveling is required, we may insert a tile or pump stand (depending on the pit construction).

Our technician will install the new pump, as close to center as possible, depending on number of pumps installed in the same pit. The check valve is installed, we drill a weep hole to prevent air lock and connect the pump to your existing drainage pipe.

Our technician will check the installation by running several buckets of water to activate the pump. When he does this, he will also check the discharge line and location to insure everything is working properly.