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Longwood Gardens

If you are looking for an amazing trip for the family, Longwood Gardens is a great experience.  Longwood is one of those spots that you absolutely should not miss! It is an awesome display of what people with money can accomplish.

Longwood Gardens is one of the greatest gardens in the world, and its history is one of stewardship, creativity, and legacy.

All that our founder, Pierre S. du Pont, believed and invisioned in is alive and well in our Gardens. He regarded it as beautiful, significant, and motivating. From our humble beginnings as a Quaker farmstead and arboretum, to Pierre S. du Pont’s forward-thinking stewardship, to today’s collection of renowned landscape designers, horticulturists, and architects, our great garden of the world evolves and emerges again and again.
Awe-inspiring discoveries are waiting around every corner, from the sophisticated fountain systems to the exquisite gardens to the architectural grandeur.

Our Profound Past

The Lenni Lenape tribe and Quaker farmers lived on the area where Longwood Gardens now stands for many years before it became a public garden.  More than a million visitors per year now enjoy the gorgeous property that has been significantly transformed on the site since that time.

Formulating a Future Vision

Planning is the key to our ability to lead in public horticulture.

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