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Sewage Pump Replacement

Your sewage ejector pump has the dirty job of collecting waste water and pumping it through the septic line to the sewer line or septic tank. Depending on the volume of waste water you create it will determine the size of the pump system required. Similar to a sump pump, a sewage pump requires annual pump maintenance to insure the float switches are working, the discharge pipe is clear and the check valve is operational to prevent pump failure.

When you experience a sewage pump failure, there are several factors that will determine if you should repair or replace your pump. If you have a multipump system, and a panel where it can be determined if the pumps work, it could save you on pump installation cost.

Installation Process

Unfortunately, when you have a pump fail, it can shut down your home. Most tanks are only 30 gallons and that doesn’t hold a lot of waste water. We stock several models of sewage pumps for quick installation. If your pump is fewer than 5 years old and you are generally careful with what you flush, there is a good chance your pump can be repaired.

The biggest issue with sewage pumps is when materials that shouldn’t be flushed, get lodged in the pump. Anything with string or material (dental floss, tampons, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, “flushable” wipes, etc) can get caught around the impeller and cause it to seize. Depending on how quickly you realize the pump has stopped working and you can shut it off, the damage can be minimized.

If your sewage ejector pump is more than 5 years old, we generally recommend replacement as the cost of repairs can quickly add up and who wants to spend half the price of a new pump, repairing one that may or may not last.

Backup Solutions

Depending on your situation, you should consider whether you are going to require a backup solution.

For a sewage pump to operate properly, you will need electricity. If you are in an area where you often loose power, you may want to consider a battery backup. The unit we recommend is a power inverting trickle charger that will charge/run off of 1,2 or 3 batteries connected to it for 12/24/36 hours of run time.

While we always recommend a generator for whole house use or partial connection, if you don’t want to foot the bill, this is a great alternative.